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School Rumble Season 2 Part 1- Early Look
By Marc | October 7th, 2008

Still trying to catch up on papers from being sick (still a bit sick in fact) so no in depth review until the weekend, but some early looking for everyone.

I think for alot of people this will be the set that is used to decide if Funimation knows what they are doing with their new way of doing boxsets.

Aquarion changed halfway thru.  Sasami was a show that honestly, wouldn’t have survived in singles and worked best in sets, and stuff like School Rumble Season 1 was reencoded from singles.

So how does the first nu style volume of School Rumble 2nd Semester fare?

Honestly, minus a few small issues, very very good.

Video is quite good.

Audio has some issues, mostly due to not enough punch (increase the bitrate on 2 disks {the disk is only 7.8 gigs, so there is some free space to play with here}, or make these sets 3 disks and punch that audio up, needs more umph!).

Subtitles are a surprising low point.  While the majority of the time the subtitles are fine, a few pieces of prominent onscreen text aren’t translated. {edit- seemingly was a random glitch with VLC, watching episodes on a PS3 right now and everything is showing up. I guess it’s also possible that maybe my eyes went temporarily stupid. Subtitles are fine.}

Everyone knows the show and knows if they will like it or not.  Those who haven’t seen School Rumble need not apply. Expect a full review this weekend.

Gallery under ad. All caps are lossless PNGs taken in VLC, feel free to request more. (Caps are sized 640×480 so as to display properly on computer monitors, as encoded the disks are 720×480, but having the caps be 640×480 emulates how they will appear on your television screen).

[This article has been edited since originally posted- subtitle mistake]

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