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Guilty Crown (Blu-ray), Early Review
Mobile Suit Gundam (DVD), Review
Who Is the Man of Steel?
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Monthly Archives: July 2013
Mobile Suit Gundam (DVD), Review
By Logan | July 21st, 2013

As one of the most well-known mecha series in the world, Mobile Suit Gundam is the genesis of a franchise that is still going more than 30 years later, and with countless sequels, spin-offs, manga, video games, and of course plastic model kits, Yoshiyuki Tomino’s epic is credited with cementing the “Real Robot” genre into its place in anime history. After the rousing success of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network’s infamous and recently resurrected Toonami block, the original 1979 series that started it all made its way to American shores. A decade later, Bandai Entertainment gave fans in America the most complete version of the series it could possibly provide us; but is it worth it to track down these sets, now that Bandai is no longer with us? Continue reading

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One Image Review- Fox Marvel Movies Are On Sale
By Marc | July 18th, 2013

The various Marvel films that Fox has made are on sale on Blu-ray for $60. We here at the Fanboy Review decided we needed to review these films for our audience so they could make an educated decision on if they should spend their cash. Unfortunately we just didn’t have the time. So instead, a short review of each film on one image.

One-Word Review Poster

Click to view it larger.


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Who Is the Man of Steel?
By Marc | July 17th, 2013

Wasn’t sure what the first article on the new FBR would be. I figured an anime review (and in fact I was in the middle of working on one.) But then I saw an image in my head and knew what it had to be. That image is right above, from Superman vs. The Elite

After all the discussion about Man of Steel (which to be honest, I still haven’t seen… Just no drive to want to see) more and more people seem to be having a discussion comic fans have rolled around and had hundreds of times (who am I kidding, thousands, millions, it never ends.) Is Superman relevant in our darker world? Is he just a boy scout no one can relate to anymore? Does Superman need to be gritty? Continue reading

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Welcome to Fanboy Review 2.0
By Marc | July 17th, 2013
Top Gear Fire

We’ve been gone awhile (combination of being busy and wanting to improve the site before relaunching it.)

We hope you’ll give the new FBR a chance. We’ve changed the theme to hopefully be cleaner and a bit easier to navigate, along with having a nice ‘Features’ area that should show our newest and most important articles and reviews.

We’ve switched comments over to Disqus and you can post as guests if you want.

As far as staff goes, I’ll be here as always writing and going over materials with everyone else. Justin is back doing our web work again, and hopefully will join in writing when he can. Alex is back to helping with editing. We’ve also added Logan, a helpful guy with a great love for mecha to write reviews. I’m talking to a few other people who hopefully will show up before to long.

We are still cleaning up, but since everything was basically done decided it was time to launch. The first article of the new FBR should be up within an hour or two, and we are also working on a small stack of anime reviews for upcoming products and a few older releases.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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