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ADV Has Clannad
By Marc | September 28th, 2008

After getting both Air and Kanon and being rather proud of the work put into them, and Sojitz screwing up all their stuff for nearly a year now, ADV has finally popped back with a real swinger after announcing some junky live action movies and an OVA no one cared about.

ADV had Clannad.

Due to the NYAF going on this weekend and ADV being elsewhere, it appears few places have picked up on the news yet.

They’ve only really been back for a month and already have one of the most awaited shows there is (not sure I care though, tired of shows that end depressingly, don’t know how Clannad ends though) makes you wonder if ADV may have any other licensed suprises they just haven’t revealed yet.

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  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    Friend of mine who was in the room.

    Press release on Monday hopefully, 3 or 4 other people who knew people in the room have confirmed it, but perhaps someone should put in a call to the Ayres (edit- or Greenfield, since he was on the panel), or more than likely ADV or someone will have a press release out tomorrow.

    I only offer sources when it makes sense to, and the person who told me I know well enough to know it isn’t crap. Same as Nebs knows me well enough to know if I’m not saying it’s a rumor or a maybe, he knows I know something well enough to post about it.

  • JHawkNH

    I was in the room when he announced it so I can confirm this. Unless Matt Greenfield was making it up, but he seems like to nice a guy for that. He said in that panel that they have many more licenses that they are working on (23 I believe he said) but this was the only one he could announce right now.

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