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New Captain Harlock In English?
By Marc | September 21st, 2008

I’ve considered for a day if I should post about this, and decided to.

Apparently something Captain Harlock is being dubbed at the moment.

I think everything Harlock titled has had some sort of American release already, so one wonders what it could be.

A dub for the sub only stuff?  A dub for a new release of something else?

It was said by a well known dub actor with no note that it shouldn’t be announced, but I’m leaving names out becuase I honestly think it may have been mentioned by accident (and there was no denial when I checked with the person earlier today).


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  • SDFgeneric

    Thanks for posting this news, it made my day! Not quite everything with Harlock has made it here, while many have at one point, many others have not. There are some possibilities to consider…

    Titles with Harlock in ‘em which have not released in America include: Mystery of the Arcadia (1978 film), Endless Orbit SSX (1982-83 series), GE 999 Eternal Fantasy (1998 film), Space Symphony Maetel (2004 series).

    Then there’s licensed expired stuff that never received complete dubbing like the original 78-79 Space Pirate TV series and the 1982 Arcadia of My Youth film. Other licensed expired titles, yet dubbed completely, include the Harlock Saga and Endless Odyssey OVAs as well as the first two Galaxy Express 999 films. Lastly, with the licensed expired titles, there’s also a Queen Emeraldas OVA where Harlock has a bit speaking role.

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    I’m curious WHAT is being dubbed. While I’m not revealing the actor who told me for obvious reasons, he HAS been in a Harlock dub before, so it is even possible they are attempting to go for some level of cast continuity, which Harlock has never really had.

    I’m pretty sure it isn’t a ‘Harlock is in it’ show though. I had double checked with the person and was told it was a Harlock series, but they could have been mistaken.

  • Ryu

    That sounds like great news! I would really like to know what is being dubbed! Maybe it is Galaxy Railways OVA or series two … or maybe another series all together! I hope announcements are coming soon!

  • http://yuugatachan.deviantart.com Eliana

    This sounds interesting, I hope that if it IS a Harlock-related anime, David Lucas will be the probited voice actor. Either way, I don’t mind WHAT Leijiverse anime is being dubbed, I like them all. XD