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William Winckler Productions, New Company Licensing Anime
By Marc | September 20th, 2009

Since last year when I found out someone had been dubbing Captain Harlock I had been hearing news of other older and niche anime titles being licensed and dubbed.  After finally confirming some of the details I thought I’d go ahead and let everyone know about them.

I’ll just go ahead and list off the shows.
Fist of the North Star
Captain Harlock
The Adventures of Nadja
Tekkaman: The Space Knight
Danguard Ace
Many of these shows were previously dubbed partially by other companies in the past, but these appear to be new dubs all around.  The only cast member I’ve been able to confirm directly has been Robert Axelrod (most would know him as Lord Zedd from Power Rangers) who is playing ‘Darius’, the primary villain in Gaiking.  After confirming that he himself had worked on four of the shows outside of Gaiking (Fist of the North Star, Danguard Ace, Harlock, and Nadja) he added they were great shows and hopes people will enjoy them when they come out.
I should also mention many of these shows had sequels and movies. The version licensed may be any number of specific parts of the franchises (although Tekkaman looks to be the original.)
Tekkaman has actually been dubbed before by the same company in the 1980s. Looking around it appears they got half way through the series, with it doing relatively well before many of the heavy toy based shows of the 80s knocked it right off the airwaves.
The company doing these are William Winckler Productions, an independent film company.  I sent William Winckler Productions an email requesting additional details and am currently waiting on a response.
It has also been brought up that Tekkaman may have been added to the list in error due to William Winckler Productions having dubbed it in the 80s. I will try to get clarification on this from William Winckler Productions.
William Winckler Productions Website.
Further details- I’ve received further details that may clarify which parts of some of the franchises are being done, and also suggests that it may be a co-production, or sublicense from Toei USA.
They are listed as follows, which suggests the majority of them may be films, or dubbed as ‘multi season’ shows rather than as single series’ (although some of the franchises don’t have movies that could be split up as listed, so it’s looking slightly more likely for ‘multi season’ shows.)
Fist of the North Star/Hokuto No Ken
The Adventures of Nadja I, II
Starzinger I, II, III
Danguard Ace I, II, III
Gaiking I, II, III
Space Captain Harlock I, II
This also suggests the Tekkaman listing may indeed have been a mistake.
Update Again: I’ve found three more actors who are involved with the projects, two of which list roles on their public resumes. Paul Oberle is playing Takuma in Danguard and Pete in Gaiking. Kyle Rea is playing numerous roles in all six of the listed franchises that I received a little bit ago. The resumes also suggest that Toei may be involved in the production of the dubs.
Paul Oberle Resume
Kyle Rea Resume
Also, Donald Glut, has put up two galleries of pictures of him recording for Gaiking and Danguard, which include both Gaiking and Danguard toys, along with company namesake William Winckler. Descriptions of these pictures seem to confirm past information that Winckler is directing the shows himself. The pictures also date recording of some of the shows back to April and June 2008. Fans of 80s and 90s toons may know Glut as a writer for various cartoons including Transformers, Go Bots, He-Man, and Mighty Orbots (among others.)
Danguard Ace Gallery
Gaiking Gallery
Updating again since I got a response from WWP.
They aren’t ready to announce release details or put out a press release, but gave me a few details that they said I could add to the article, along with a ‘stay tuned’.
They are currently in talks regarding Tekkaman.
They are producing both current and classic anime, and quoting them, have produced “25 new English dubbed anime feature films to date.”
Two shows I missed, but they provided the titles of are…. “LUN LUN THE FLOWER GIRL” and “KITARO’S GRAVEYARD GANG (GE GE GE KITARO)”
I’ll quote this next part from their response, as I don’t think I can say it better, “Most of the properties are the classic, original versions, such as the original Captain Harlock, and the original Fist of the North Star.”
The dubs are produced by three companies: William Winckler Productions, Inc., Rioloco Productions, and Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Japan.
Now, for some dub cast info. First, a list of “Key American voice over talent” for the various series:William Winckler, G. Larry Butler, Robert Axelrod, David Gerrold, Kyle Rea, Marieve Herington, Don Glut, Paul Oberle, Bradford Hill, Jason Barker-Avellino, Laura Siegel, Alison Lees-Taylor, Caleb Pearson, Fred Laderman (Fred Ladd), Chase Masterson, George Lindsey Jr., Anne Lockhart, Butch Patrick.
And for the last little detail, William Winckler is Captain Harlock in Captain Harlock and Kenshiro in First of the North Star.
That’s all the information they can share for now, but hopefully more will be coming.
Another new update. WWP has provided ANN with information that the three companies producing these have made compilation films out of the original series material. WWP will be involved in the American distribution of the titles and that television, digital, and DVD distribution will be announced in the next few months. More of these compilation features are planned.
I’ll say this. It’s a creative way to bring franchises out in the USA that might not be able to sell the entire series. I’m curious to see what other franchises might get this treatment.

This article has been modified since originally put up.
Edits Made
Adding some further Tekkaman information.
Adding possible mistake in regards to Tekkaman.
Possible details on which versions of some of the franchises.
More actors, and links to pictures of the dubbing.
Little bit of cleanup.
Added information provided by WWP.
Bit more info.

All shows and characters are © their owners and right holders.

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New Captain Harlock In English?
By Marc | September 21st, 2008

I’ve considered for a day if I should post about this, and decided to.

Apparently something Captain Harlock is being dubbed at the moment.

I think everything Harlock titled has had some sort of American release already, so one wonders what it could be.

A dub for the sub only stuff?  A dub for a new release of something else?

It was said by a well known dub actor with no note that it shouldn’t be announced, but I’m leaving names out becuase I honestly think it may have been mentioned by accident (and there was no denial when I checked with the person earlier today).


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