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Does Funi have Shaman King and Fairy Tail? (Update: No they do not)
By Marc | November 30th, 2009

Update: Funimation has confirmed with me via e-mail that they are NOT dubbing either show, nor do they have the rights to. So both of these are bunk.
I’ve gotten a bit of news about both of these lately.  Neither are confirmed, but we will see.
First up we have Shaman King, which 4kids previously had.  It appears Funi is already dubbing this with plans to release it next year.  No idea if 4kids has anything to do with it, as very recently 4kids was still mentioning Shaman King in financial and legal reports (a month ago it was still listed in their financial reports), but there is no longer anything Shaman King related (even copyright information) on the 4kids website, which suggests 4kids doesn’t have the license anymore.
Then we have the new series Fairy Tail.  A few different people have commented on this for me, and a few places have forum posts from people who talked to actors.  I’m leaning towards this one having a higher probability of being ‘not real’ than Shaman King, but it’s leaning towards yes.  Based on which persons info I should believe, Fairy Tail could start being release mid-2010, or may be held off for a DVD release until 2011 (the 2011 comments from multiple sources is why I’m a bit less sure about this one, with at least one person who got similar information who posted it on a forum saying it isn’t being DUBBED until 2011, which… an actor wouldn’t know that yet.)
I wouldn’t be surprised if both were true, but at the moment, Shaman King is seeming VERY likely.  Fairy Tail… slightly less so, but since no one but Viz or Funimation were ever going to get a long running shonen title, it’s a bit to easy for people to pass off ‘assumptions’ as news..
As always, take your news with a grain of salt.

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