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Are We Getting Mega Man 10?
By Marc | November 21st, 2009

A little birdy who tends to give me good game related info has given me one I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone, so feel free to take this as ‘rumor’… for now.
mm9-mega-man-sprite1Yes, the Blue Bomber returns.

Here’s some info from my source about Mega Man 10.
It will be WiiWare and keep the 8-bit style. 360 and PS3 seems likely, but I was only outright told WiiWare.
It will have no relation to Mega Man X (just pointing this out, since some people might think they might choose to do that with X equating to 10.)
Both Mega Man and Proto Man are playable (it appears Proto Man will be unlockable, or become available at some point midway through the game.)
There will be DLC to play as Bass. His gameplay will be based on how he played in Mega Man & Bass.
The ‘story’ is basically as such: Robots get a virus that makes them sick. Roll catches it, Mega Man has to get Wily’s help to find a cure (Wily claims he has nothing to do with it, but… yeah), and the 8 bosses each hold part of the cure.
And here is the biggy…  it will be two players. No idea if story mode will be two people, or if there will be some specialized two player mode though.
And oh yes… it’s far enough along that it is already being translated into English.
More info when I get it (hopefully boss names.)


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