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Stitch! Update- Writer
By Marc | September 6th, 2009

Small update for Stitch! since I’ve had multiple people ask me for more updates whenever possible.
Well known English dub writer, actor and director Jeff Nimoy will be writing the English adaption for Stitch! (No news on who the director is, or if there are other writers.)
He is most well known among anime fans for writing and directing a large percentage of Digimon’s English adaption (and playing Tentomon) and playing Wolfwood in the English adaption of Trigun.  He has also written (and directed in many cases) for Bobobo, Zatch Bell, Naruto, GTO, and numerous other shows.
It’s also worth mentioning he wrote and directed the English adaption for RoboDz, a recent Toei/Disney co-production.


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