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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World- Slayer 1 T-Shirt, Review
By Marc | July 26th, 2010

Scott Pilgrim… the last volume just came out, and it was awesome.  And soon the movie will be out. And a game. The game is based on the books but labeled for the movie. And because the movie is coming out we are getting shirts! And this is a shirt based on the game, which anyone who doesn’t know about the game will think is from the movie! And yes, I absolutely wrote all that despite not needing to.  Why? Because…

Mighty Fine is doing a whole line of Scott Pilgrim t-shirts. I wish I had something witty to say, but I can’t because I used all my power ups on that opening paragraph, not to mention fighting the urge to use the companies name as a pun to talk about the shirt.

I wish I had a better way to start this review than just saying this is an awesome shirt.  It’s made out of a really nice soft material.  It makes me think back to pajamas as a kid. It’s a really soft material, but it doesn’t feel overly fluffy.  It gives the shirt a really nice feel to it and it’s really comfortable.  It’s the type of shirt that you can easily imagine keeping around the house as just a comfortable thing to throw on or wear it to bed.  I can’t say enough good things about the material itself.

The images themselves are silk-screened on.  The colors are all bright and bold and very vivid.  The primary image of the shirt is Scott from the upcoming video game in his default pose.  It’s a good image if a bit ‘basic’.  One nice touch is that the outline isn’t silk-screened onto the shirt.  The outline is the shirt itself.  It likely won’t be noticed by many people, but I just found that a really awesome touch that integrates the image into the shirt really well.  The video game version of the logo (and the Slayer 1 text) is silk-screened on just as nicely and adds some flair.  Although you do have to wonder if any Scott Pilgrim fan would need to see the logo to know what it is.  The logo may have worked better printed small on the back (the back of the shirt doesn’t have anything on it) although I’ve never been sure if I liked stuff on the back of shirts or not when it isn’t needed.

The shirt doesn’t have a tag to scratch or annoy you; everything is printed on the inside of the shirt.  Washing instructions, size, everything is there; even a Scott Pilgrim logo.  It’s a nice touch to add to the shirt.

It’s a great shirt. I really don’t have much to say beyond that.  It’s worth making sure this is the Scott Pilgrim shirt you want if you are only gonna get one since they are doing a whole line of them.  Mighty Fine did a great job on it.  They did such a great job that I feel obligated to go to the gym for the next few weeks since I’ve gained a few pounds recently and the shirt was a little tight.  I’d like to wear it when I go to see the movie.  It may even replace my Jack Kirby Hulk shirt as my normal shirt to wear when I don’t need to wear something fancy.  Or maybe it’ll be the one of game Scott with a guitar next time I’m in a mall…
Not gonna go with grades this time around because it seems a bit to weird to have grades for ‘material, printing, etc’, but I’d definitely give the shirt an A.  B+ if you think Scott’s pose is a bit to vanilla..
See, I went the whole review without saying this was a mighty fine t-shirt…
This t-shirt will be available through Hot Topic and We Love Fine.
Perhaps we will be lucky and there will be a Scott Pilgrim related contest soon. ‘wink’  ‘nudge’ ‘poke in the eye’ No promises though.
Copyright information under ad.   This shirt was reviewed using a screener.

Reviewing a shirt was kind of weird but it was fun. Movie can’t come soon enough. Make sure you go see it.
Also… is it called a screener when it’s a shirt? I mean… DVDs are called screeners when you get them to review them. What is a shirt for review called? Is there some sort of terminology or is just a ‘shirt for review’?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World™ & © Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing. All Rights Reserved.


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