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Contest Time- Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball, Gotta Get That Dragon Ball
By Marc | August 31st, 2009

Time for another contest.
Only one prize I’m admitting to at the moment, but there’s a few more.
The prize is…
Dragonball Boxart
Season 1 of Dragon Ball on DVD.
This time around, the way to enter is…

Tell me your favorite ‘thing’ from Dragon Ball, DBZ, or DBGT…  and by thing, I mean anything.  Story, character, toy, game, a piece of art…  anything you can think of.

(It’ll help your entry out if you explain your choice.)
My favorite answer will get their choice of the announced prize, or a few other prizes.  First place gets their choice, then second place, and we keep going until no more prizes are left, same as last time.
Please send contest entries to contests@fanboyreview.net. Please only enter once. In your email include your answer and your name and address.  Contest ends at 11:59pm (Pacific) on September 15th, 2009 (that’s a Tuesday).
Didn’t win but still want the DVDs? Help support The Fanboy Review by buying from Amazon.

Fine Print- The Fanboy Review reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time for any reason. Contest is open to anyone in the multiverse, but will only be shipped within the continental United States and Canada (if you enter and win from elsewhere, you can still win, but you gotta pick a place within the shipping area, or pay for shipping costs). Fanboy Review staff is not eligible. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Winners names may or may not be posted on The Fanboy Review. Mailing addresses and other contact information provided will be used only to contact in regards to the contest and shipping any prizes. Information will not be given out, sold, or otherwise used in any malicious or annoying way. We reserve the right to add new rules as is needed, including while a contest is running. We aren’t responsible for any of the following happening due to the contest or the prize: death, injury, destruction, faith in humanity being lost, etc. We aren’t responsible if anything happens to the prize during shipping, or the prize is just bad. This contest is in no way related to Funimation Productions or any related company.
Dragon Ball – © 2005 BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATION. ©1987 TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD. Licensed by FUNimation® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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  • ebzero89

    my favorite thing was the toy’s that were released for DBZ. There was a SSJ Vageta and SSJ3 Goku LONG before those parts of the show had been dubbed which I always found hilarious. What I did not find hilarious however was losing all those toys in a house fire…

  • http://www.dragonballz-universe.wetpaint.com David

    I sent my e-mail already and forgot to mention my address. What should I do? Resend? Or will you notify me if I actually do win and I can give you my address then? Please help me!!!

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    I’ll make sure to notify winners and get any necessary info.

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    E-Mail your entry. I will not be considering any entries done just via the comments.

  • ebzero89

    lol I’m a derp I’ll send an e-mail right now.

  • Jazz

    How many people can win?

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    I haven’t said. I’ve said there’s more than just the Season 1 set though.

  • VenomSymbiote

    Alright! I sent in my entry! =D

  • MechaCell

    As an owner of all of Dragon Ball Z and GT remastered box sets, I figured that if I can get my hands on Dragon Ball Collection I would be completely satisfied. My favorite saga has to be the Cell saga. The whole evolution of the super saiyans took place during that saga, seeing Gohan and Vegeta turn super saiyan for their first time was really a breath taking momment for me. I loved when Vegeta owned Cell.

  • Xavier

    So who won?!?!

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    It’s generally traditional to not decide who won (or start looking thru entries…) until the contest is actually over.

  • http://www.dragonballz-universe.wetpaint.com David

    Will the winners be announced on the site in a post and/or personally in an e-mail. If so, how much time are we given to choose the prizes if we have a multiple choice? I REALLY WANT TO WIN!!!

  • Xavier

    Who won?
    Who Won?
    WHO WON?!

  • Will

    guys we all want to win but leave the guy alone. When somebody wins he will tell us

  • http://www.dragonballz-universe.wetpaint.com David

    I was not bothering him. I just asked a real question that I thought needed to be answered. I am anxious to win (which is why I was screaming in my last comment), but I think I can wait. Besides, it’s not like you can’t this stuff yourself. I still want it for free, don’t get me wrong!

  • Will

    yeah I wanna win too! Free stuff is great cause I’m poor lol