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Dragonball Evolution… Variant Boxart?
By Marc | May 27th, 2009

Looks like the DVD and Blu-ray for Evolution will have slightly different coverart (I’m sure many people will just jump at the chance to get variant coverart for such a…. fine…. piece of entertainment.
Here are the different covers for the 5 of you that are interested.
Just fantastic, I’m sure Goku’s flexed arm will be the toast of the industry.
Comes out on July 28th, and it appears people who get the Blu-ray will also get a Digital Copy.

Dragonball Evolution – © 2009 Fox. All Rights Reserved.

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  • VenomSymbiote

    I guess I’m one of the five who’s excited for this! :D

    But they had to use that horrible Goku image… :(

    And umm, is it just me, or do the covers look the same, minus the Blu-Ray logo for that release?

  • Forlourned

    The variant is in the position of the FAKE Goku since the Blu-ray box is a tab bit smaller. Seeing that the FAKE Goku’s face is the same. I have no doubt that they (the production company who made the boxes) just got some random dude’s arm in a position to keep the ball in view.

    Dragonball joins the many, many massive FUBAR’ed Anime that pollutes the shelves of America. Hollyweird just doesn’t get it in adaptations regarding Anime. I simple can Not give one example of them doing any franchise right.

    Not One…