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Power Girl #1 Review
By Rachel Oliver | May 20th, 2009

DC Comics has just launched a new Power Girl series, and going into this first issue, I only knew one thing about the character: boobs. While there certainly are plenty of those featured throughout the issue, the creative team does attempt to bring a little more to the table than that. But do they succeed?
This story is titled “A New Beginning,” and fortunately for newcomers like myself, it’s exactly that. The book begins by going into detail to explain exactly who she is, but does not dwell on it for long and quickly moves on to the main story, in which her new home of Manhattan is already under a major attack. As she deals with this threat, inner monologues provide insight into her new life and her attempt to reclaim her civilian identity. But neither appears to be going well, especially when it is revealed that the attack on Manhattan is the work of an old foe, who ends the issue with a serious ultimatum for Power Girl.
I really like the pacing of the story, as well as the way so much important backstory is thrown at you in an easy to digest manner, and the overall fun dialogue. I also find Power Girl’s secret identity to be very interesting. But once you get past the reintroduction aspects, the main plot is nothing too special. Just your standard fare of a superhero attempting to save their city from a madman. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad story, per se; I like classic good versus evil stories when they’re done well, and I can’t say I have any particular complaints about this one’s execution. Plus, the yet-to-be-explained plot points and the cliffhanger ending are fairly intriguing.
Meanwhile, the artwork is really solid. It has sort of a classic, almost cartoonish feel to it, with a slightly quirky art style accentuated by vibrant colors. The action and details are well defined, leaving no confusion about what’s going on in each panel. And I feel the need to mention the many chest shots, not just because of the quantity, but because it’s drawn well enough that I don’t question her ability to stand up. The cover art almost entirely revolves around her cleavage, which makes it a bit silly, but I do enjoy the semi-realistic style of the art surrounding it.
In the end, I really like the writing style and the art style, and though the story is not particularly epic or groundbreaking, it is fun. I can’t say I have any major complaints.
Cover: B+ (Great style, but too much boobage to take completely seriously.)
Writing: A- (Fun dialogue and good pacing, but the story is a bit simplistic.)
Art: A (Fun style and looks really nice. No complaints.)
Overall: A- (A nice, fun insight into a character I knew little about, and it looks like it could grow into an interesting series.)

Power Girl – © 2009 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

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