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Dragonball Evolution… Z?
By Marc | May 13th, 2009

Oh boy, everyone is gonna love this….
Apparently Fox is prepping a new/different (maybe it’s the foreign cut?) of Dragonball Evolution for home video, and it will be called….
Dragonball Evolution: Z-Edition
I’m trying not to laugh, but…. lol
edit- Having watched a screener of the “Z-Edition” film with two other staff members, I think it’s probably likely that “Z-Edition” is just what they will be calling the DVD instead of special edition, or any other name and not necessarily signifying a new cut of the movie. Will update if we get any more info on it.


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    please everyone reading this please do not buy this movie . we must stop any profit of this movie and we must stop it now. join the world wide protest .

  • charles hunt

    why stop it? I liked it. nothing is going to be like the anime of course it is a little different I’m looking foward to the next movie it can only get better. So I will buy it!!!

  • Stevie B

    Great movie, don’t protest, buy the dvd…..No, buy 2 lol
    I don’t care if there is no extended version because I never expected it. I will buy the dvd no doubt

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  • Roger E.

    This is possibly one the worst films released this year and is a shoe in for a Golden Rasberry Award. I only recommend this movie if you have an I.Q. of 85 or below.

  • Forlourned

    Aiming a little bit too high in the I.Q. there E. You have to be certified as a retard to be one of the few who “loved” this.. movie. Sure, the moronic flick was a complete work. But outside of having the title and names of the manga characters, it had NOTHING to do with Dragonball.

    They could of done the movie completely and have been searching for magical tin cans and called the movie ‘Tinnyballs’ and it wouldn’t be anything of a copyright infringement to the original author. That movie was an utter failure to the story of ‘Dragonball’.

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