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Welcome to Fanboy Review 2.0
By Marc | July 17th, 2013
Top Gear Fire

We’ve been gone awhile (combination of being busy and wanting to improve the site before relaunching it.)

We hope you’ll give the new FBR a chance. We’ve changed the theme to hopefully be cleaner and a bit easier to navigate, along with having a nice ‘Features’ area that should show our newest and most important articles and reviews.

We’ve switched comments over to Disqus and you can post as guests if you want.

As far as staff goes, I’ll be here as always writing and going over materials with everyone else. Justin is back doing our web work again, and hopefully will join in writing when he can. Alex is back to helping with editing. We’ve also added Logan, a helpful guy with a great love for mecha to write reviews. I’m talking to a few other people who hopefully will show up before to long.

We are still cleaning up, but since everything was basically done decided it was time to launch. The first article of the new FBR should be up within an hour or two, and we are also working on a small stack of anime reviews for upcoming products and a few older releases.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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