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Dragon Ball Kai Announced, Here’s Extra Info
By Marc | February 2nd, 2010

Dragon Ball Kai was finally announced by Funi as Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Here’s a bit of extra info I’ve had on hand for awhile about the release.
The current plan is to have the first DVD and BD boxes in May.
The BD releases will have a five dollar premium.
Having talked to a few people, it appears the cast will remain the same as the Funimation Dragon Ball Z dub, but with greater care being given to the script. I say appears because I’ve only talked to a few people, they are indeed playing the same roles they played before, and they were under the impression it was going to be the same cast, this may not apply for every character.
The show started being dubbed last year.
That’s all the information I have at the moment, but I’ll update if I gain anymore

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  • http://otakurevolution.com/ penguintruth

    The cast will remain the same?

    And here I was thinking they wanted to make a GOOD dub for this show.

  • james

    It always had a good voice cast. Don’t like then go watch the sub version. Otherwise STFU troll.

    Thanks for the info Marc!

  • Craddle

    It will be fine penguin, stop complaining all the time geez

  • Craddle

    Could you please state the source of your info? Otherwise…

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    I state the source of my info when they say it’s alright to quote them. I’ve had much of the Kai information for months, and was asked not to post it, which I didn’t, because it was possible a source or two could have gotten in trouble.

  • Craddle

    I guess we’ll all just have to take your word for it then.

  • http://otakurevolution.com/ penguintruth

    Sorry I have standards, james.

    And why should I go watch it subtitled if it’s possible to get a good dub for once? It’s time for Funimation to step up.

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  • Bobzilla5000

    what does The BD releases will have a five dollar premium mean?

  • http://www.fanboyreview.net Marc

    It means that as far as the info we have so far goes, the Blu-ray will be five dollars more than the DVD.

  • DemonRin

    Just a question, you say you have your sources, and they need to remain annonymous, just answer this; Out of the people who have talked to, has anyone said anything that would suggest Linda Young Specifically was coming back as Freeza, or is that still one of the characters who applies to the “This may not apply to every character” part?

  • Jim

    totally agree with penguintruth. the worst part is FUNi has SHOWN they can make a quality dub (One Piece, Full Metal, et al), but continue to mess with DBZ like its their red-headed step child.

    they give professional treatment to a bunch of no-name garbage anime titles, yet they experiment, indulge, and butcher DBZ, one of the most beloved and arguably best anime of all time. it makes no sense.

  • Bobzilla5000

    oh cool thanks