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Contest Update
By Marc | September 18th, 2009

Contest closed a few days ago. I will be going over all entries over the weekend and get in contact with the winners, and I’ll be sure to post the winners and some of my personal favorites.
And based on if I’m able to get out to where I need to be to make it happen, may be a special early review tomorrow for shonen fans.

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  • Will

    alright nice

  • VenomSymbiote

    Alright! Can’t wait ’till the winners ae announced.

    Huh. What could your early review possibly be?…

  • http://www.dragonballz-universe.wetpaint.com David

    I really can’t wait to hear the winners, but am a little confused by your last statement. Also, will you ever give away something selling in Japan only? This gives me reason to believe (if you say yes), that you have a “Dragon Ball Kai” volume one to give away. But once again, that’s crazy to think.

  • Will

    eh Kai sucks anyways

  • http://www.dragonballz-universe.wetpaint.com David

    It’s not the best “remaster,” but it still beats FUNimation’s releases in the long run. Plus, there’s a new voice track, etc.

  • Will

    not to me man. I like FUNimation’s releases and I really don’t care what people tell me

  • Jazz

    Have the winners already been decided?

  • Will

    I doubt it