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Dragon Ball: Origins For The DS
By Marc | August 19th, 2008

Got some information on the English version of the game.  Everyone should be aware the information regarding this only seems to list it as coming out in Europe in December 2008, but since some listings have shown up at American stores, we will probably get it sooner rather than later. (Some of this news may have been known for the Japanese version, but it can be confirmed for the English version now).  Also have some screenshots and nice high resolution looks at the game character models

The game is all touch pad for those that didn’t know.

You can go through the game world collecting figurines and trade them with your friends over wi-fi.

I’ll have more information later (hopefully about the new PS2 game also, which I’ve confirmed at the very least has newly recorded audio from the English actors).

If you want more screenshots or character renders let me know.  We will (might) also have some trailers up later.

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