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Madman Atomic Comics #9- The One Picture Comic
By Marc | August 12th, 2008

For people who got the last issue of Madman Atomic Comics (it was a good issue), you may have noticed something…  The entire comic was one single panel.  It was a neat idea for a book, the only issue is, 1 panel over an entire book means it was split apart many times.

Thanks to Madman creator Mike Allred the entire issue as one image has been made available.  No voice bubbles though, so if you want to know what exactly is going on go out and buy the issue.

It’s an interesting artistic experiment.  Comics rely on panels of differing shape and size to show time’s passage, action happening, and to move the story, so it is very interesting to see all that done as a single picture.

Madman Atomic Comics #9- The Entire Issue, One Panel {Newsarama}

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