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The Professionals Am Being Greetest!?- Funimation’s Shuffle Trailer
By Marc | August 9th, 2008

Welcome to the first “The Professionals Am Being Greetest!?”

In this recurring feature/column, we will point out any ludicrously stupid mistakes/things that companies/professionals do in regards to all the fun stuff we enjoy watching and reading and so forth.

For the first one, we will show something regarding the American release of the anime Shuffle.

Watch this trailer for Volume 1 of Funimation’s release of Shuffle.

OK, very good. They tell us the dude has to pick from five girls, which is correct, and then they show us five girls in a panning shot…

But they only show us three of the girls he has to ‘choose’ from

So then who are the first two girls they show in the spinny panning shot?

They are secondary characters who don’t actually figure into the overall show that much (although they do appear a bit).  There are basically four main girls in Shuffle, the fifth is more of a little sister type relationship, and they show her as one of the five there.

Of course, if you go to Funimation’s Shuffle website (Shuffle Website) it shows the correct five girls.

Now, I guess in the trailer this is an honest mistake, and not that big a deal, but there is one thing that makes it even funnier.

Here is the trailer for Volume 5 of Shuffle. (There are 6 volumes total, but the trailer for Volume 6 is only on DVDs at the moment, not online).

Yes, they make the same mistake in the trailer for EVERY SINGLE VOLUME.

Our hats go off to you Funimation, your promotional material for Shuffle truly is… the greetest!

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