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Voltron The Third Dimension, DVDs Coming Soon
By Marc | November 11th, 2009

From days of long ago…

Voltron in 3d returns…
It appears WEP will be doing the Voltron 3d DVDs themselves and selling them via the official Voltron/WEP store.  And the DVDs are… maybe being worked on right now?
I’ll update as I get more info.


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Random Fun- August 8th, 2008
By Marc | August 8th, 2008

With Saber Rider getting a full DVD release soon I felt we had to celebrate in some way. What better way than having a parody of it’s sister series Voltron from fan favorite show Robot Chicken.

Voltron got TOTALLY served! (Personally I prefer the original song that they had to remove for legal reasons, but oh well)

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Otakon Day 1 News Roundup
By Marc | August 8th, 2008

The first day of Otakon’s panels is beginning to come to a close and as for announcements….


Nothing was really announced, I guess you could count Saber Rider (although no one I know was at the Voltron/Saber Rider panel, so I have no idea if anything was actually announced there), but that was announced yesterday.

At the Media Blasters panel some people brought up Gaogaigar Final and nothing concrete was said one way or the other.  Funimation’s panel was largely just going over stuff we already knew.  I guess whatever ‘thing’ Gen had mentioned in quite a few recent interviews isn’t ready to be announced yet, hopefully soon.

Let’s hope we get some interesting news in the next couple of days.

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