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Maria Watches Over Us: Season Four, Early Review
By Marc | July 11th, 2010

Right Stuf/Nozomi/TRSI/any other name you can come up with is back with another DVD release.  And this time it’s a return to Maria Watches Over Us.

Season 4 of Marimite (ha ha, short show nicknames make the job easier!) returns to a few different major and minor plot threads that in various ways reach back to every season.  TRSI loves the niche, but can Marimite hold onto its audience through a fourth season? Continue reading

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To Heart, Review
By Prede | April 24th, 2010

Hi, this is my first review for The Fanboy Review although I’ve been writing reviews for some time now on many other places, including my personal blog.

My name’s Michael, although I’m known online as Prede. I’ll be looking at a classic from TRSI/Nozomi, “To Heart”. Continue reading

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2 Right Stuf DVD Covers
By Marc | August 12th, 2008

We got some giant shiny DVD art for two Nozomi Entertainment (Right Stuf) titles coming out later on in the year (the artwork isn’t final).  I haven’t seen these anywhere else yet, so enjoy.

First we have the second season of Maria Watches Over Us.

edit- While I haven’t been able to confirm this with 100% accuracy, the other side of the box will have this image in the frame.

Then next we have the classic Towards the Terra movie.

Looking forward to both of these myself (where’s the remastered Tylor box Right Stuf?)

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