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License Alert- Kekkaishi
By Marc | July 22nd, 2009

Based on the popular manga (released by Viz in North America), Kekkaishi ran for 52 episodes a couple years ago in Japan.
Not sure who has licensed it yet, but Kekkaishi’s dub is currently in production in Los Angeles (maybe we will hear something at San Diego Comic-Con?)
Update- Based on some further information, I believe the license holder to be Viz or a company that we don’t traditionally think of as an anime company, but that isn’t confirmed (officially OR unofficially.)


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Naruto Shippuden Movie Dub News
By Marc | February 26th, 2009

The first Naruto Shippuden Movie is getting a dub that is being worked on as we speak.
Wesley Crusher himself is playing someone in it.
We really should be hearing something about the Shippuden dub soon, they’ve been working on it for quite awhile at this point.
edit- Already mentioned Wesley being in it, but just noticed Wil Wheaton himself mentioned it on his twitter earlier today.


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Stack o’ News- DBZ Blu, FMA OVAs, Eva 1.0, and Bandai 5cm
By Marc | January 10th, 2009

Got a stack of early news that may interest people.  Let’s start with the least interesting stuff first.


Dragonball Z TV Blu-rays are being worked on (or at least in the higher side of planning stages, I’m not 100% sure on that).  Beyond that, I know nothing (minus a hint of maybe a pack in exclusive at Best Buy, but not sure about that).


Last year Matt Greenfield said at a con that Bandai had 5cm per Second, and earlier this week someone put up an acting credit via Bang Zoom.

After talking to a few people, Bang Zoom definately has redubbed it for Bandai, likely for a Blu-ray.  Not 100% sure on the Blu-ray front, but from what I’ve been told, that seems to be the plan.  Can’t say if the old dub will be on it or not.


Evangelion 1.0.  I mentioned this on Aod, but people didn’t seem to notice I wasn’t theorizing, so I’ll mention it here with a few more details.  It’s being recorded at Funimation (and was recording before New Years).  I don’t know cast details for sure, but I can say the following.  The director is one of Funimation’s directors (can’t say who, although Funimation isn’t beyond using multiple directors for a project, don’t know if this one does, but if it isn’t, then it isn’t Greenfield).

and now for the one that most people will probably care about.


Funimation has the FMA Premium Collection OVAs and was dubbing THOSE before 2009 started also.  As far as I’m aware and have been told, castwise, everyone should be back. Don’t know about release details for these yet, but I’ll update when/if I get further info.

(All of these are sourced from multiple people whom are trustworthy and asked to remain anonymous)

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