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Goku and Piccolo Look Kinda Funny From the Back…
By Marc | August 11th, 2008

So apparently one of Bandai USA’s new DBZ toys is an electronic game where you connect a Goku and a Piccolo figure to electronic handles and press buttons to make them flail about and scream battle action phrases while battling them.

The issue with it is WHERE the connector points are…


Well, if you too require weird asses on your toys, have at it (and feel free to make any obvious jokes in the comments).

Thanks to a forum goer on Daizex for the picture… I think.

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Dragonball GT Season 1 Set Solicitation Mistake
By Marc | August 8th, 2008

The one thing that was mentioned at the Funimation panel of interest is the Dragonball GT Season 1 set will be 5 disks.  Since the set is 32 episodes and the solicitation info at quite a few stores said 3 disks people started to get a bit worried about video compression.  5 disks should be fine for 32 episodes though, let’s just hope that like the trailer shows, lets hope these episodes aren’t cropped like DBZ was.

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