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ADV Has Clannad
By Marc | September 28th, 2008

After getting both Air and Kanon and being rather proud of the work put into them, and Sojitz screwing up all their stuff for nearly a year now, ADV has finally popped back with a real swinger after announcing some junky live action movies and an OVA no one cared about.

ADV had Clannad.

Due to the NYAF going on this weekend and ADV being elsewhere, it appears few places have picked up on the news yet.

They’ve only really been back for a month and already have one of the most awaited shows there is (not sure I care though, tired of shows that end depressingly, don’t know how Clannad ends though) makes you wonder if ADV may have any other licensed suprises they just haven’t revealed yet.

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Funimation In November
By Marc | August 21st, 2008

Lots of good stuff from Funimation in November. I needs more monies…

Darker Than Black vol. 1- 11/25/08 – $29.98
Darker Than Black vol. 1 (LE w/ Box)- 11/25/08 – $39.98
Tsubasa vol. 9- 11/11/08 – $29.98
My Santa (recalled last year due to a rating labeling error)- 11/18/08 – $14.98

Dragon Ball Z Movies 5 and 6- 11/11/08 – $29.98
Vexille (Special Edition)- 11/4/08 – $29.98

Sets and Collections
Black Blood Brothers (Complete): 11/11/08 – $49.98
Case Closed: Season 3- 11/25/08 – $49.98
Dragon Ball GT: Season 1- 11/11/08 – $49.98
Dragon Ball Z: Season 7- 11/11/08 – $49.98
Ghost Hunt: Part 2 (of 2)- 11/18/08 – $49.98
Peach Girl (Complete)- 11/18/08 – $49.98
Sasami: Season 2- 11/25/08 – $39.98
Tsubasa: Season 1- 11/11/08 – $69.98
Yu Yu Hakusho: Season 3- 11/11/08 – $34.98

Dragon Ball Z Movies 5 and 6- 11/11/08 – $34.98
Vexille- 11/4/08 – $34.98

Then Funimation has some stuff to distribute for Geneon

Karin vol. 6- 11/25/08 – $29.98
Shonen Onmyouji vol. 4- 11/25/08 – $29.98
Tales of Phantasia (Complete)- 11/25/08 – $19.98
When They Cry vol. 5- 11/11/08 – $29.98

Sets and Collections
Nanoha: Season 1- 11/11/08 – $59.98
Familiar of Zero: Season 1- 11/4/08 – $59.98

Then we have a nice collection of boxsets of stuff rescued (jacked) from Sojitz (ADV)

Sets and Collections
Ah! My Goddess: Season 2- 11/25/08 – $69.98
Coyote Ragtime Show (Complete)- 11/18/08 – $49.98
The Guyver (Complete)- 11/4/08 – $69.98
Pumpkin Scissors: Part 1 (of 2)- 11/25/08 – $59.98
Pumpkin Scissors: Part 2 (of 2)- 11/25/08 – $59.98

Far to much stuff.

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Will There Be Extras On Funimation’s Version of Nerima Daikon Brothers
By Marc | August 18th, 2008

Am I the only person curious how Funimation will do Nerima Daikon Brothers?

ADV’s three volume release had quite a few really good extras (I don’t think anything would beat the live action NDB).

ADV’s 3 disk thinpak had none.

What will Funimation’s version have?  I hope they keep all the extras in what will no doubt be a 2 disk thinpak box.

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ADV and Their Amazing Changing Boxes
By Marc | August 12th, 2008

I’ve gotten a few questions from friends about this, saw Nebs wonder about it, and seen at least two people claim they had to for ‘legal reasons’, so I felt it was about time I explain what is up with ADV re-releasing all kinds of old thinpak boxes they’ve done with new covers, and why new covers equals more sales. Continue reading

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Otakon Day 3 News Roundup
By Marc | August 10th, 2008

The big news from Day 3 of Otakon is ADV finally has new stuff to announce.

First up, for anime, they have the 3 episode Indian Summer (Koharu Biyori) OVA.

Then under a new subbrand called Switchblade Films they have a few live action films.  A new series of Kunoichi movies, Female Prisoner Epsilon, Attack Girl Swim Team Vs. the Undead, Cruel Restaurant, and Gluttonous 1 & 2.

We also may get some news on the live action Evangelion film later this year

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Otakon Day 2 News Roundup
By Marc | August 10th, 2008

Not much news for today either.

Bandai (unsurprisingly) has the .hack//G.U. Trilogy CGI movie.

Crunchyroll will be adding a number of series from ADV, Media Blasters, and Gonzo up in the following weeks and months.

Kadokawa has Garei Zero, based on the Garei manga.

and JAM Project showed up at the Bandai panel and gave out Lucky Star T-Shirts.

Tomorrow is the ADV panel, so let’s see what happens there.

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