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5cm per Second Dub Update
By Marc | January 12th, 2009

Got a bit of info on the 5cm per Second dub.

Not sure if Bang Zoom is doing it themselves, or if one of Bang Zoom’s recording studios was rented out by somebody else (it appears it ISN’T Bang Zoom, might even be the same studio that did Nanoha and Familiar of Zero).

It looks like it’s a rather low budget dub, mostly actors who normally play side characters, or relatively new people (Nanoha/Zero people).

As for if the  ADV dub will end up on whatever the final release ends up being, no idea.

(edit- Bandai has denied they have it. And since gia and a few others have made the comment, I’m not saying up there that Bang Zoom is dubbing it ‘themselves’, what I was saying was it might not be dubbed ‘by’ Bang Zoom, but AT Bang Zoom by someone else. Nor am I just putting together the Greenfield con report and the credit that showed up online last week, I simply mention them in the original report because it is further confirmation. I’ve talked to multiple people involved.)

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  • http://www.animevice.com gia

    Thanks for the correction; adjusted my post. :)